Your Own House, a Dream come True

The Big Shift – From Rented to Your Own House!


We all work tirelessly in order to earn money. Earning money is an important pastime in a human being’s life, if we can call earning a pastime. Money gets us the three basic necessities of life, Food, Clothes and House. That’s it. And while food and clothing couldn’t always invoke a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in people, our home sweet home pretty easily could.

People throughout their lives fight the skepticism and glories of choosing between a rented home and a personal property. And although the latter should always win should there be a discussion regarding the two, yet the former, always without a fail, takes the game away whenever the person concerned is trying to either save money for something more important than a house or to start a new life.


When one shifts from a small house to a big one, the transformation is tremendous. Air and space have a magical effect on peoples’ health. And no matter how much you try to defend congestion after having lived there for years, big airy rooms overlooking lush green gardens make you an addict. And you would not ever want to leave this independence and freedom for anybody and anything.

The same feeling overwhelms you the moment you step out of your rented accommodation and enter your own house. In fact, in this case, where one leaves a rented home for their personal one, size doesn’t matter. You might be shifting from a palace to a 3 BHK flat, and yet you would be appreciating the latter, more. This is because your own blood and sweat in the form of money have gone into building of the walls. Besides, what is yours is yours!

From a House to Home


A house isn’t just a house: dead and wood. It contains and caries memories, moments, feelings and emotions. And this is the reason why people are so much attached to the color, windows, doors, walls and even to the tiles of their house. It is true that money can get you a big house, and perhaps a more beautiful one, but until and unless you blow emotions and thoughts and dreams into its making, it doesn’t become a home.

Money cannot buy you happiness but at times, it can give you comfort in the form of commodities. The more you spend, the more equipment of pleasure and relaxation you can buy. You might have your preferences when it comes to buying a small or a big house, but more than always, you would prefer a home of your own.

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  1. Hello admin,

    Nice blog and helps to those who want distinct & implicit space for living in dream & desire homes. thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this blog post, it’s really nice about time for rental to own house
    I m agree with this situation, how we pay rent for any flat in spite of we can pay EMI for a flat

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