Pune – Smart City – An Investor’s Paradise

PropZapper-Blog - Pune - Smart City - LogoPune – Smart City is now in the process of getting its identity very soon. Thanks to the overwhelming support and backing of Punekars, Pune is on its way to become one of the Smart Cities in India.

Smart Cities Project, the Government of India’s flagship mission for creating 100 smart cities in the next 5 years is already in action, by announcing the list of the first 20 cities for development under the Smart Cities Mission. The key objective of this mission is to build cities that provide infrastructure and gives a decent quality of life to their citizens, in a clean and sustainable environment.

Pune – Smart City will be developed using several ideas including but not limited to water recycling, solar power, smart metering, waste management and digitization. Read more to find out the innovative ideas used for developing Pune – Smart City.

Both the City as well as its Citizens will be largely benefited due to this initiative. As Pune on its way to be transformed as a Smart City, will gain a huge amount of funding from the Government of India, as well as other resources to finalize the development ideas provided by the Citizens & administrative authorities. Under the Smart Cities Mission, the central government will spend approx INR 48,000 Crore over the next 5 years to provide a support of INR 100 Crore to each city selected under the program every year.

PropZapper-Blog- Pune - Smart City

The basic development of the smart city will be based on the ideas provided by the citizens such that it will significantly improve the quality of their life.

The ideas for development of Pune – Smart City could be from areas such as;


  • Housing ideasPune - Smart City - Future
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Water and sewage
  • Energy
  • Waste and sanitation
  • Safety and security
  • E-governance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Culture and Identity
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Employment and Economy

Pune is a potential city to become a world-class smart city and a role model for other developing cities around the world. Under the Smart Cities Mission, Punekars can take the opportunity to shape the city and create a better home for themselves. Under this development plan the smart cities can be classified into three typical types; new cities, existing cities made smart and purpose driven cities.

Let’s find out why Pune – Smart City can be a role model for other developing cities:

  • Pune is referred as the “Oxford of the East”, and has been a center of learning for generations and is home to the second largest university in the country (University Of Pune) with 811 colleges
  • Pune is an exceptional city, with strong human capital and a literacy rate of almost 92%
  • It has abundance of natural resources
  • Many renowned manufacturing and service based industries headquarters in Pune
  • Pune headquarters many IT, Automobile, Floriculture, Engineering & Pharmaceuticals companies
  • Pune is a popular IT Hub and contributes 9% of India’s total software exports
  • The Government of Maharashtra is progressive and committed to people.  Only a few cities in India namely, Bangalore, Mysore and Pune have experimented with participatory Budget
  • Pune Municipal Corporation has initiated effective ways to tackle solid waste management
  • Pune has witnessed a healthy growth in the real estate market & is termed as one of the best cities to invest in
  • In comparison to other cities Pune has a very active civil society with a high-level of trust between the people and the government


The proposed Smart City plans will add a substantial boom to the Pune Real Estate Market. The Smart City Mission has created a very positive effect on the city real estate market, over the past decades, mainly because of the growth and development taken place in various sectors. Although the information technology has worked very well for the Pune’s real estate market and it will continue to be the most influential driving factors in the near future.

Adding to the existing number of Corporate and Manufacturing units present, Pune has bagged many renowned Foreign Direct Investment under the “Make in India” Mission that has given rise to an ever-increasing number of employment opportunities.

Pune has been already popular for many other important reasons such as; Cultural Heritage, Pleasant Climate, Abundance of Greenery & Natural Resources, Education hub, IT-Park, Manufacturing Units, Employment Opportunities, Entertainment Arenas, Healthcare facilities, etc. All these factors are positively reinforcing aspirations of many home seekers to invest in Pune – Smart City.

Pune - Smart City - Real Estate FutureNaturally, the real estate developers will tend to launch various residential projects in and around Pune due to emerging opportunities as a result of Smart City development. The Real Estate developers are thriving to generate a whole new level of demand for homes and they are doing every bit to style and modify their offerings according to the type of demands that are emerging.

Having tagged as one of the upcoming Smart City, Pune is surely going to be an Investor’s paradise as market speculations hints towards a rise in Real Estate prices. Moreover, as the quality of life will certainly improve with these development projects, it is going to be beneficial for the people of Pune as well as will attract more investments from NRIs & domestic investors.

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